1. Z. Szillasi, Gy. Zilizi:
    Research, development and construction of the Barrel Muon Position Monitoring system and participation in the project on the Velocity Drift Chamber for the CMS experiment at CERN
  2. P. Raics, J. Szabó, T. Sztaricskai, S. Scheiner, J. C. Széles:
    Advanced methods of radiation detection for the safety operation of nuclear power plants
  3. R. Dóczi:
    Humanitarian demining
  4. J. Csikai, R. Dóczi:
    Neutron gas physics research at the Institute of Experimental Physics, Debrecen University
  5. S. Kokenyesi, V. Takats, I. Ivan, A. Csik, I. Szabo, D. Beke, P. Nemec, K. Sangunni, M. Shiplyak:
    Amorphous chalcogenide nano-multilayers: research and development
  6. I. Angeli:
    Moments of the two-parameter Fermi charge distribution
  7. J. Pálinkás, E. Takács, S. Kökényesi, S. Biri, G. Szitási, I. Iván, É. Fekete, L.T. Hundson:
    Heavy ion plasmas and highly charged beams
  8. B. Derecskei, A. Derecskei-Kovacs, I. Tamassy-Lentei:
    Prediction of Densities of Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquids Using Molecular Simulation
  9. D. Beke, I. Szabó:
    Regional University Knowledge Centre (GND RKC) project
  10. D. Beke, Z. Erdélyi:
    Nanodiffusion and segregation in technologically important semiconductors
  11. D. Beke, Cs. Cserháti, A. Csík, Z. Erdélyi, M. Kis-Varga:
  12. A. Csík:
    Formation and investigation of interface moving in nanoscale
  13. I. Szabó, D. Beke:
    Development of new magnetic-noise measurement methods for material characterization
  14. D. Beke, L. Daróczi, Cs. Hegedûs, V. Mertinger, E. Nagy, Z. Palánki, F. Tranta:
    Determination of elastic and inelastic free energy contributions in martensitic transformations
  15. Z. Erdélyi:
    Interface motion in nanostructures
  16. G. Langer, Z. Erdélyi, Cs. Cserháti, M. Kis-Varga, D. Beke:
    Solid state reactions and diffusion on nanoscale in multilayers
  17. Á. Vibók, G. J. Halász:
    Conical intersections induced by the Renner effect in polyatomic molecules
  18. Á. Nagy:
    Fisher information and quantum mechanics
  19. G. Kocsis, F. Kun:
    Spreading of Technologies in Socio-Economic Systems
  20. K. Kovács, F. Kun:
    Crackling noise in non-destructive material testing
  21. I. Varga, F. Kun:
    Structure and Dynamics of Binary Dipolar Monolayers
  22. S. Nagy, I Nándori, K. Sailer:
    Renormalization of sine-Gordon type models
  23. Zs. Gulácsi:
    Exact multielectronic ground states for periodic polymer chains
  24. Z. Schram, S. Nagy:
    Casimir energy on a lattice